Dynamic Hot Yoga

“Some Like it Hot!” This powerful, effective, and exciting style of yoga is finally in Qatar. We, at Dynamic Hot Yoga know how excited you must be. After all, this is a cause for celebrating, a celebration of your health as well as your physical and mental well-being. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a first time yoga student, we want your experience to be the best possible.

Upcoming Events

Dynamic Hot Yoga is now the new home of Bikram Hot Yoga. Join us September 8th, 2017, for a FREE Bikram Yoga class! After, meet and greet your instructors and connect with fellow yogis from your community. Light refreshments will be served.
You'll receive a free GIFT, when you sign up for our NEW 7 Day Intro Package.
Got questions on how to register? Email info@dynamichotyoga-doha.com
"See you on the mat!"

Bikram Yoga Bikram Yoga is not just a normal yoga routine. It involves a unique combination of yoga postures and breathing exercises. The hatha yoga postures which are 26 in total and known as Asanas combined with the breathing exercises or pranayamas create the Bikram Yoga Routine. It is generally performed in controlled room conditions of 40 degree Celsius temperature and an average humidity of 40%. The 90 minute routine meticulously brings each minute part of the body to a higher state of existence by energizing it and sending oxygenated blood to it.

Bikram Yoga works towards building strength, flexibility, serenity, balance and endurance to both body and mind. It is a positive step towards the future when you start feeling yourself as a much more composed, focused and active human being. As per our goals, each session works to unite mind, body and spirit in a harmonious way to achieve a higher state of being.